Life Writing


Every story is worth being told

Writing your own Autobiography or writing a biography for others, whether that be family members or friends, can be an extremely rewarding experience for both the writer and the subject.

This is a passion of mine. My belief is every story has value and should be told. I'm here to encourage and support you to write that autobiography or memoir, or even better write a biography for a family member or friend as a lasting legacy. It is both a cathartic and empowering experience to undertake such a project and it doesn't need to be complicated. In fact I want to make the experience as enjoyable and straight forward for you as I can, by providing the resource that you need to get started.

Resources to assist with writing:

DIY Life Story Writing Toolkit

The time to start writing your Life Story is now! I've made it easy and affordable for you by creating a Do It Yourself package that provides you with the motivation, the know how, the process and the templates to make it happen! Click below to get your digital kit.


Templates to assist with writing

Teaching Resources for Autobiography Writing