Creating a Digital Vision Board

Being the first day of the year I decided to create a Vision Board and then follow it up with specific smart goals. I was pleasantly surprised when my partner said that he would also like to do the same thing.

We started the day with a walk to our local cafe, had a lovely breakfast, then a nice stroll on the beach. Once we got home we started thinking about the Vision Boards. Now being minimalists, there really was no chance of us having old magazines lying around that we could cut out ideas from. So the decision was taken to make our boards Digital.

These are the steps we took:

1. We brainstormed ideas about the key areas in our life that we want to work on for the year ahead. We had some joint areas and some separate.

2. Areas that we came up with were Finance, Work, Relationships, House, Health, Family, Hobbies and Travel. We then put sub categories under each title of what we wanted to happen. For example, under Finance I had Saving and paying off debt.

3. I then decided to create the boards on Canva. This is a free design software program. You can view it here  ( if you are interested.  If you would like to learn more about using Canva click here (TPT tutorial on using Canva. Equally, you could use a program such as Publisher or Microsoft Word.

4. I wanted a very visual board so I sourced pictures relating to our ideas on Google mainly. I saved these to a folder and then imported them into Canva. Some pictures I sourced by directly searching on Canva as well.

5. Within Canva I created a collage with the pictures I had collected. I chose an A4 size sheet and then a template background. From there I simply arranged the pictures as I wanted them and inserted some text.

Hey presto - my first Digital Vision Board! These pictures won't mean a lot to you but they are visual reminders to myself as to my goals for 2019, which as you can see include starting up running again and yoga as well as eating healthy and travel.

Vision Boards
Annette's First Vision Board

6. It's a great exercise to do, but you shouldn't just stop there! Be sure to print this out and have it somewhere prominent. I have just put mine on the fridge. The next important step is to get to some serious SMART goal setting for both personal and business!

PS. If you want to know more about setting SMART goals click here

PPS. My partner exited smartly after the fun part and did not stick around for the SMART goals!