Active Listening Skills

Active Listening

Active Listening Skills are a part of communication that can often be neglected. This can lead, to miscommunication, misunderstanding, confusion, conflict and many more problematic issues that could be avoided if people were skilled in active listening strategies.

Too often people make the mistake of listening with a view to how they will respond and get their point across. They can't wait for the person to stop talking so that they can have their say. Have you ever been guilty of this? If we listened with a different intent, e.g. to fully comprehend and understand the persons point of view, before formulating our response, we would find that our relationships, outputs, and productivity would benefit greatly.

The truth is that within the class room and the workplace, these very important skills are often not taught. They do require some knowledge and practice before becoming second nature.

The training resources below are suitable for classroom and workplace. They contain PowerPoint presentations, workbooks, and other activities such as google quizzes and crosswords. Watch this short video to get an understanding of what Active Listening is:

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