Workplace Bullying

Workplace Bullying
Workplace Bullying
 Workplace Bullying is a topic that those of us that have been in the workplace long term, generally have some experience of. Whether it is being a victim of workplace bullying, or having witnessed it, it leaves a very uncomfortable taste in our mouths. 

The culture of a company dictates whether bullies can thrive in a workplace, or can be identified and dealt with effectively. Companies that veer towards complacency, can do a lot of damage to staff morale and also to their bottom line financially. Studies show that the people that get bullied tend to be high performing people with much to offer the company - they can be a threat - and therefore a target. Most are likely to resign from their employment rather than tackle the issue if they believe they won't be supported.

It is important, that as educators, we teach those in the workplace, and those preparing to enter the workforce about their rights and responsibilities around this topic.

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