Zoom Meetings are the go to tool for collaboration on line

Zoom Meetings

If there is one single platform that is on everyone's mind at the moment it is Zoom. I'm using it for work meetings, online classes and family get-togethers!  With Covid-19 having such an impact and many people working from home we are forced to learn new skills and new ways to work.

I must say, it has been a fun and interesting journey so far! Meeting up with work colleagues once a week and seeing their smiling faces is a nice tonic. But I definitely notice that there are a few online skills that are missing and this results in wasted time, and as we've seen on social media lately some embarrassing results when it comes to cameras and where they follow us!

With this in mind, I decided to create a step by step training manual that will help people that are a bit nervous about this new technology and enable teachers and professionals to feel more confident about either attending or hosting an online classroom or meeting. I know that there are lots of videos that can give you help but I do find that many people like to be able to print out a hard copy of easy, step by step instructions.

And here's a Freebie of shortcut keysI hope you find it useful. 

To give you the confidence to start using Zoom go ahead and download this training resource: Click the link below: